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Wilson’s Story

My story begins in 1998, a year after graduating from high school. I received a letter from a committee of higher education admission inviting me to join one of the leading public universities to pursue a degree in tourism management. Tourism is over 60% of the GDP in Kenya's economy. The government saw fit to put me in the program contrary to my personal aspirations. I always wanted to study chemistry and the news had dashed my hopes of doing so. At the time, I was involved in a church plant serving in music ministry. One Sunday morning, a group of American missionaries working at Africa Nazarene University had come to visit our church and I remember getting acquainted with one group member. He shared a little about his background about teaching biochemistry and his love for running. We shared something in common; our love for chemistry and a recent Heart to Heart Foundation run that I had completed earlier that year. He wanted to know if I was going to study chemistry but I explained to him I was joining the university in several months for tourism management.

Two months before I had to report to the university to study tourism management, I received a call that transformed my life forever. Remember the missionary that I had met a month earlier; he and his wife had decided to help me find a school in America that would allow me to pursue a degree in chemistry. This profound act of kindness changed my life forever. They inspired me and gave me hope. They dedicated their resources to help me pursue my dream. A few years later, I graduated from Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, ID with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. From there, I continued to the University of Nevada, Reno to earn a Masters in Chemistry and later a Doctorate in Materials Engineering and I currently work for a leading engineering company. I am humbled by this experience, indebted to those who have touched my life and I thank God for the journey.

There are countless high achieving kids whose hopes are crushed because of their poverty. My wife (Rebecca) and I founded toEnable because we believe that it provide platforms for transforming these kids lives, their generation, their community, and ultimately their country – one life at a time.

Dr. Wilson W. Kamau, Co-founder and President

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